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Best Tandoori Food & traditions from Delhi

Delhi6 Indian Kitchen is an authentic traditional North-Indian Restaurant based in Fiji Islands. We’re a team of passionate foodies from New Delhi that brought their love for Indian food in Fiji. We took that love for Indian food and opened up the only real high-quality Indian restaurant in Fiji Islands.

We believe in serving our clients what we like to eat in order to cook food that’s made with real love. That’s why our food quality is the best Indian quality and extremely tasty as well. We cut no corners when it comes to preparing our dishes – our customers’ experience in our restaurants is our 1st priority. Our chefs only cook with the freshest ingredients – from fresh meats from animals raised well to fresh spices that they ground by hand. 

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Eating at Delhi6 Indian Kitchen will be an unforgettable experience – we’ve made sure of that. We’ve put our hearts and souls into creating an authentic traditional North-Indian restaurant in Fiji Islands. No other Indian restaurant in the town is similar to ours. From an authentic and serene setting to recipes cooked with deep love from Indian cuisine and traditional fresh, tasty Indian dishes. At Delhi6 Indian Kitchen – you’ll get a real taste of Indian cuisine and culture. An immersion that will tickle your taste buds and all other senses. We are eager to prepare the best Indian dishes for you.

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